First 31 Days: $6,500 Raised for the Humane Society of Pulaski County

Shelter WishList is an easy to use service for raising money, engaging volunteers, and expanding your shelter's social networking. The Humane Shelter of Pulaski County started using Shelter WishList in December 2013. Patience was their first listing.
Patience Patience is a sweet Lab mix. She came to the shelter on December 5th and had severe demodectic mange and heart worms. They asked for $500 to pay for her treatment. Thirty-seven minutes after listing her on their Shelter WishList, 17 people had donated $555.

Jaxton Poor Jaxton. Not only was he homeless, but he had a broken right femur. That's a lot for a three-month-old pup. They added him to their Shelter WishList and within 2 hours the $750 was in the bank.
Princess Princess is a ten-year-old cocker spaniel who was brought in because her owner has dementia and couldn't care for her any more. Princess had several medical issues so they added her to their Shelter WishList. Within 4.5 hours 59 people had donated $1,562.
“We were getting donations from time to time, but now the Shelter WishList program is helping tremendously.”
Christine Henderson
Humane Society of Pulaski County
Pickles Pickles was hit by a car. She's a two-year-old Boston terrier, and she had a fractured femur. They added her to their Shelter WishList and in 70 minutes, 24 people donated $600 for her operation.
Warrior Warrior’s x-rays showed multiple intussusceptions. Surgery revealed a thin thread from his stomach to his large intestine. They asked for $1,000 to cover his surgery. Within 2 hours, 34 people had donated $1,001.

Maxi Maxi is an eight-month-old terrier mix. Maxi has an hepatic shunt, a condition which allows toxins to build up in her blood. She needed surgery so they added her to their Shelter WishList and asked for $2,000. Within 22 hours, 74 people had donated $2,025.

Visit Pulaski's Shelter WishList, then call for a 15-minute demonstration for your shelter. Get the inside story on how they were able to use Shelter WishList and social networking to achieve their goals. You can too! Call right now: 941-373-0700.